Feb. 1-2, 2013


Holsteins, Mon Ami Gabi, Wicked Spoon, Strip House
Highlights / Notes
* The Super Bowl Party is almost old enough to vote and buy cigarettes and we honor it with a record 40(ish) attendees of the annual event. Next year, maybe the Travel Channel will give us some coverage.
* Early arrivals (Jenn, Paul, Amy, Meghan, Marc) meet at Holsteins for kickoff lunch. The girls then head to the Cosmo spa (day pass anyone?) while Marc and Paul begin the inevitable love-hate relationship with Vegas gaming. For the free drinks of course.
* More Super Bowl all-stars descend on the city and we dine at Mon Ami Gabi with the Bellagio's fountains dancing outside the window.
* We romp to Bill's Gamblin' Hall for its final weekend in its current incarnation before it closes for a year, to be reborn something in pink and green.
* A STRONG showing the next day at the Wicked Spoon at Cosmo for lunch, more than 30 of us fight off hangovers and early wake up calls in the central time zone for lunch. Separate ways everyone goes (we're so excited about Disney doing Star Wars we're already slipping into Yoda dialect) for the afternoon, though some of us guys spend the next two hours shoe shopping (we know who we are).
* The pre-party at Elara room 1921 was strong again -- almost strong enough to skip dinner. But the steak house lure was too much and some 40 of us dined at the Strip Club at Planet Hollywood. Apologies for anyone who wanted dessert, but the Chandelier Bar at Cosmo beckoned, which we just about closed at 2 a.m. We heard stories of some revelers ending up at a club at Aria with some former USC football players and staggering back (bloodied and bruised?) in the early morning. But you know how rumors are.
* I think the 49ers and Ravens played a game Sunday, but it paled in comparison to the party at chez 1921. With Jenn, Meghan and Amy whetting everyone's whistles (ummmm) with fine cocktails, hard to recall the Super Bowl.
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